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Do you ever find yourself in situations where it would be ideal to ask your own personal Life Coach, "What should I do?!"

This was created for you.

 Coach Steve created the "Tune Up" package for those life moments that have you thinking, "Man, I really wish I could talk to Steve about this and pick his brain or get some advice!"


Whether you're facing a specific challenge or simply feeling unsure of your next steps, the "Tune Up" is the perfect way to get clarity and answers. When you know what the PROBLEM is, but are struggling to find the SOLUTION.


This is ideal for someone who wants the winning edge by having a Master Coach in your back pocket to improve your game faster.

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These 30 minute Coaching Calls (*NOT Therapy Sessions*) can help you:

  • Create more in less time by problem solving faster

  • Boost your confidence before a big event or decision

  • Feel like you have the "winning edge" in life/business

  • Gain a new perspective on your situation

  • Create clarity and break free from analysis paralysis

  • Be held accountable to your goals by someone that will not accept your excuses

  • When you have an important business decision approaching...

  • When you have a big sale or presentation coming up...

  • When you have an issue with a coworker or business partner..


Your 4 sessions may last you days, weeks or even months dependent on how soon you use it - but you will have the peace of mind knowing that you don't have to navigate life alone.

These "Tune Ups" are ideal for business owners, coaches, entrepreneurs, executives, entertainers, or everyday people looking for clarity on a specific challenge. Now you will have access to four (4) opportunities for rapid, yet potent, 30 minute coaching calls for only $997.

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"Two hours with Steve gave me 20 years of my life back. He will show you why you've created this reality and how to create a new one. If you're wanting someone to give it to you straight and not waste your time go to Steve Bacon."

- Radiance T., Spiritual Counselor 
"In our 2 hour session, Steve found what I've been trying to figure out for the past 5 years on my own. I was holding myself back and not being a man of my word. Anybody that needs information on how to save your life and save yourself from you, I definitely advise you to contact Steve and he will change your life."

- Carl V., Celebrity Bodyguard
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