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"Coaching with Steve saved my life! I was depressed, angry at my past, and unfulfilled in my work life. This experience transformed both me and my wife’s life. I worked with both Steve and his wife Kam, and each had their own unique style. Steve is a no-nonsense coach, and he tells you like it is. 
Steve lit a fire under my ass to keep me accountable and I showed up to every session ready to do the work. I experienced moments of anger, sadness, frustration, tears, breakthroughs, and there were times where I wanted to give up, but Steve would not let me. 

I accomplished so much in a brief period coaching with Steve that I never thought was possible. In six months, I learned who I truly am and that is I AM God with a small g. I was able to create a new self-image, new beliefs, dive deep into my identity, learn my values, and be the man I always wanted to be.


Something that I never thought would happen in this lifetime occurred months later and that was re-connecting with my father. He was a part of the reason I held onto so many beliefs and resentment as an adult. The work that I did with Steve helped me to forgive my parents and release the past. It also prepared me for the relationship that I have now with my father. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Steve. I am a better husband, son, and friend because of my coaching experience."

- Sam C., Coach and Founder of Be You Do You Coaching

"When I met Steve, I'd already been doing my personal work for over 15 years.  I'd looked at my shadows and I was pretty confident there wasn't much I didn't know about myself.  But during our first session together, Steve and I unearthed the biggest skeleton in my closet.  It was the exact thought that had been holding me back my entire life.  


Steve gave me a rare opportunity to look at my biggest limiting beliefs.  He did it with high energy, patience, and lots of humor.  He always knew how to meet me where I was.  Firm and intense when I needed it, soft and kind when I needed it.

I was able to get back to the things that spark joy in my life.  I was able to sit with my thoughts. I was able to spend much needed time in gratitude and meditation.  I spent hours every day outside in nature.  I was able to get some clear inspiration which ultimately led to my husband and I to pack five suitcases and move to Europe for an indefinite period of time.  It's the best decision we've ever made.  

Steve has guided and powerful insights.  Because of the full life he's lived, he has a true understanding of the human experience.  He champions his clients.  He is an example of what's possible.  He is a master at his craft."

- Minda P. , Life Coach

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"I can't thank Steve enough for showing up to my life and reminding me who the fuck I am.


When I met Steve I had been coaching for 7 years and the most I had ever made was a few hundred dollars per session.  I would sell myself short and charge whatever I thought the client wouldn't say no to instead of what I truly believed my value was. It was like I was stuck in this loop and I couldn't get out.


I had one session with Steve and remember seeing how much self-hatred I was still holding on to after thinking I had cleaned it up after all these years. If my finances were going to change I had to have an identity change. I had to begin to allow myself to be all of the amazing things I was saying I wasn't. 


Nearly a year later, I closed my largest coaching deal ever; 10x what I was normally charging. The look my wife had on her face when I told her the deal was done was priceless. I had become the man she always believed I could be but had never seen before.  I was walking in my new identity.


Thank you Steve for how you showed up for me; inviting me to stand in my wholeness and power. The gift you gave me is something I can never truly repay."

- Michael T. , Executive Coach

"Since concluding the breakthrough session, I have an absolute new sense of control on my mind and desires. Writing is coming so much more naturally to me. I'm back in love with the things that were boring me out! Productivity is already 10X'D (Which I would have NEVER believed if someone else told me this) and my mind is so much more calmer, quieter and composed. I'm actually experiencing REAL creativity that I haven’t in a LONG LONG time.


I am so fuckin' impressed by the work we did. If someone is experiencing success with drag, like the parachutes behind race cars to slow them down, they've gotta talk to Steve!"

- Hammad A. , Funnel Strategist and Business Coach 

"Steve gave me the tools to unlock my seeds of greatness. If you feel in your gut it's time for change, then Steve Bacon is the life hack you've been looking for."

- Brian B. , Cinematographer
"I made the decision to take my life from "going through" the motions to TAKING ACTION! I went from making $26/hr working for someone else to living my childhood dream of being an Artist and Designer making 5 figures a month building my business and living in purpose. Had I not invested in myself, I would have remained stuck."

- Renee O. , CEO and Founder of Vivid Events
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"Before coaching with Steve, I had problems with customer retention and having the success I really wished for in my life. After coaching with Steve, I blossomed my company into a $100million company, became the largest female-owned turf company in Las Vegas, bought my own house and am getting married to my soulmate."

- Celeste I., CEO of TurfEnvy
"I found myself stuck at the same income level for 16 years. Steve helped me break the poverty mindset that was keeping me from having the success I knew I deserved. I'm so grateful for Steve helping me see what I can do. I highly recommend him."

- LaTisha R., Entrepreneur
"Before working with Steve, I was hesitant to make decisions in my life. In a matter of months my mindset has shifted. My breakthrough session helped me to heal from childhood hurt that turned into adult pain. His level of love and passion is unmatched! I will never forget about this experience."

- Latanya W., CEO and Founder of Pretty Confident Boutique
"I knew Steve is the person that would lead me directly to what my problem was and how to overcome it. Whether you are a CEO, celebrity or mother, if you want to increase your quality of life and stop living in beliefs that keep you in a place of mediocrity I guarantee he's going to hold you accountable."

- Vasu D., Ayurvedic Practicioner
"When Steve says he can do in 2 hours what therapists can't do in years, he is NOT lying... After a traumatic life changing event in 2017 I suffered from PTSD. I was introduced to Steve and in 1 session I was no longer afraid of the things that had been haunting me. I am forever grateful for Steve's ability to truly help me transform my life!"

- Maya C., CEO and Owner of Seville Property Management
"Steve has a very expert understanding on your belief system. His ability to guide you through the process helped me to come up with a strategy to get a better understanding of how to engage with my mother so I can free myself and love her unconditionally before one of us leaves this Earth."

- DB., CEO and Founder of iNeverWorry Consulting
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"Every coach should have a coach. Working with Steve allowed me to expand my beliefs, my mind and open up to a whole new possibility of what's possible. I went from making $7K a month to having a plan in place to make over $70K a month."

- Frank C., CEO of A.R.C. Performance Coaching
"After 2 sessions with Steve I realized what my purpose was. I created my own coaching business and had over 100 clients within the first 12 months. Steve is real, raw, authentic, genuinely cares and wants you to WIN. He can totally transform the trajectory of your life. Think I'm lying? Just try it out!"

- Lanetta M., Transformational Coach and CEO of Lanetta Marshall LLC
"Coach Steve Bacon is not your average coach; he is not for the faint at heart. I have been on my healing journey for a decade and did pretty well but there came a point in my life where I knew there was some hidden pain that I was unable to see. I knew it was time for me to hire a coach and that’s when spirit led me to Coach Steve Bacon. We had a two-hour gifting session and after spending that time with him I knew he was the one. Because I am a strong woman, I needed a strong coach that wouldn’t accept my bullshit. I needed a coach that wasn’t scared to hurt my feelings. I needed a coach that wouldn’t take any of my excuses. I needed a coach that was raw, I needed the real deal and that’s who Coach Steve Bacon is. Not only is he the real deal, he loved me and truly cared for me. This was the first time I ever made this type of investment in myself and it was worth every penny. To live a life knowing who you are, is true freedom."

- Sonja R., Business Owner, Podcast Host and Entrepreneur 
"The transformation I've had in my personal and business life has definitely been noteworthy for me and others around me. He has started me on the path of self healing and believing in myself. My life will never be the same. Coach Bacon is definitely the guy who can make that happen. It will definitely be worth your while and the investment."

- Yvette F., Entrepreneur 
"Two hours with Steve gave me 20 years of my life back. He will show you why you've created this reality and how to create a new one. If you're wanting someone to give it to you straight and not waste your time go to Steve Bacon."

- Radiance T., Spiritual Counselor 
"Before coaching with Steve, I was going in all directions and life was just a blur. After, all things started to come into focus with slight changes in my personal life. I have more confidence in myself and my decisions. This was all within the first 5 months!"

- Logan C., Photographer
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"After my breakthrough session with Steve and understanding his teachings of Belief Theory I got my life back! I feel like someone has lifted a veil and I am living life everyday happy."

- Marisa F., Hair Stylist
"Before my breakthrough session I was suffering from Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder and wasn't able to show up for anything. After my breakthrough, I was a much more confident person, went back into Real Estate and I was able to show up living my best life. If you're thinking about doing a breakthrough, it's a no-brainer, you won't be sorry that you did!"

- Ian S., Realtor
"In our 2 hour session, Steve found what I've been trying to figure out for the past 5 years on my own. I was holding myself back and not being a man of my word. Anybody that needs information on how to save your life and save yourself from you, I definitely advise you to contact Steve and he will change your life."

- Carl V., Celebrity Bodyguard
"If you are struggling with anything in life I highly recommend to go to Steve. The way Steve understands the brain and how to ask questions, to connect with you on a certain level, to make what may be so difficult so simple, it's just like an instant realization. He cares about you, your results, everything."

- Miranda D., Owner and Esthetician and Beauty Within Studio
"Steve's intensity awakens the Lioness in me to step up and be who I was born to be."

- Cordelia G., Talk Show Host and Coach
"Steve helped me more than double my income. He identified some things that I couldn't even see. He showed me how to break the limiting beliefs to tap into the rest of my potential. I highly recommend Steve if you're looking to take your business or any endeavor to the next level."

- Asher B., Realtor
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"Before working with Steve I had many limiting beliefs and kept telling myself things that simply were not true. Everything in my life has grown exponentially in a very short period of time. The only thing you will regret from working with Steve is that you didn't do it sooner."

- Chris I., Realtor
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"Working with Coach Steve not only opened my eyes up to the possibility of what could be, but most importantly what already was. The ability he has to unlock the dormant superpowers we have is astonishing. He changed my perspective on life which in turn changed my world and I'm forever grateful for his spirit and teachings!"

- Frank I., Insurance Agent
"Long story short, the leadership coach needed coaching. Because of the miracle work Steve has done, my perspective and life is changed forever, my confidence is fully restored, and I am able to operate in love, again. I left Steve reminded that I am whole, improved, inspired, and courageous. I implore you to work with Steve. This is a high accountability environment, therefore; expect a great outcome!"

- Crystal D., Leadership Coach
"If you have the opportunity to go through a breakthrough session believe me it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It has done marvelous things for me and I thank Steve for what he's done."

- Michael W., Pastor
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