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to a New Reality


Dormant Abilities




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Are you searching for a more meaningful life?


Do you ever wonder what life would be like without limitations?


Do you desire to break out of societal norms and live authentically?


Are you seeking a deeper connection to self and higher levels of consciousness?


Would you like to experience a profound level of self-love and confidence?

Imagine your life being...

  • Exciting to wake up to every morning

  • Living in purpose and experiencing your dream life now, rather than daydreaming of it happening "someday"

  • Full of time spent creating memories with people who matter most to you

  • Creating even more success with less effort in a fraction of the time

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You Are "The One"...

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  • To break generational cycles... 

  • Who will bring joy to the world with your unique talents...

  • To live peacefully and abundantly mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually…

Now it’s time to go from believing to knowing...

The Journey to Your Highest Self Begins with One Click

"It is not who you are that holds you back, it is who you believe you are not." - Bob Proctor

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Completely rewrite the narrative of your past to rebuild your self-image into the most powerful version of yourself. Meet your true self for the first time and live more authentically

These impact every decision you make in life. Identify and align your core values and beliefs to make choices that are in harmony with your true self.

Erase negative thought patterns that cause self-doubt and hesitation

Let go of all judgments to experience the most self-acceptance and self-love, giving you unbreakable self-confidence.

Master the Universal Laws of Creation to produce even more success with less effort in a fraction of the time.

Now You Must Make A Choice

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"Nothing changes until you change your self-image." - Steve Bacon


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"Coaching with Steve saved my life! I was depressed, angry at my past, and unfulfilled in my work life. Steve is a no-nonsense coach, and he tells you like it is. I accomplished so much in a brief period coaching with Steve that I never thought was possible.
In six months, I learned who I truly am and that is I AM God with a small g. I was able to create a new self-image, new beliefs, dive deep into my identity, learn my values, and be the man I always wanted to be.


Something that I never thought would happen in this lifetime occurred months later and that was re-connecting with my father. He was a part of the reason I held onto so many beliefs and resentment as an adult. The work that I did with Steve helped me to forgive my parents and release the past. It also prepared me for the relationship that I have now with my father. This experience transformed both me and my wife’s life. I am a better husband, son, and friend because of my coaching experience. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Steve."

- Sam C., Coach & Founder of Be You, Do You Coaching

"When I met Steve, I'd already been doing my personal work for over 15 years.  I'd looked at my shadows and I was pretty confident there wasn't much I didn't know about myself.  But during our first session together, Steve and I unearthed the biggest skeleton in my closet.  It was the exact thought that had been holding me back my entire life.  


Steve gave me a rare opportunity to look at my biggest limiting beliefs.  He did it with high energy, patience, and lots of humor.  He always knew how to meet me where I was.  Firm and intense when I needed it, soft and kind when I needed it.

I was able to get back to the things that spark joy in my life.  I was able to sit with my thoughts. I was able to spend much needed time in gratitude and meditation.  I spent hours every day outside in nature.  I was able to get some clear inspiration which ultimately led to my husband and I to pack five suitcases and move to Europe for an indefinite period of time.  It's the best decision we've ever made.  

Steve has guided and powerful insights.  Because of the full life he's lived, he has a true understanding of the human experience.  He champions his clients.  He is an example of what's possible.  He is a master at his craft."

- Minda P. , Life Coach


I AM Steve Bacon



I guide self-motivated winners walking the path of greatness to become legendary, building generational wealth, breaking free from the matrix of other people’s design, creating legacy and making an impact that will ripple out for generations to come.


I AM the Excavator of human potential helping champions become Legends. 

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