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Meet Coach Steve

Excavator of Human Potential

Master Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, International Speaker, Trainer and Husband.

I help you become the highest potential version of you by teaching you HOW to change your self-image.

Steve found his calling as a life coach after becoming a successful entrepreneur. He felt a deep passionate calling for making a difference in other peoples’ lives and in his larger community. To help understand his calling, Steve became a student of the world learning and digesting teachings from some of the greatest teachers and coaches the world had to offer. 

Self-image is the Alpha and Omega

"It is not who you are that holds you back, it is who you believe you are not."

Self-image impacts everything you do and everything you experience in life. Just to name a few:
  • Your income level
  • Your relationships
  • How you manifest
  • Your confidence
  • Your health
  • Your vibration
  • Decision making
  • Parenting
  • and so much more...

You can not, and will not,
outperform your self-image.
Picture this scenario, you are a new hire in sales for a large company. You have never earned more than $80K annually in your previous career. The industry you work in now creates the opportunity to earn $80K per month. 
You can't imagine earning that much, you have never done it before or even seen someone else earn that much, therefore it is outside of your current belief system - and self-image.  So you underperform at work which leads you to being fired and then subconsciously prove your own belief, "I am undeserving" or "I'm not good enough" (or something of that nature).
Sound familiar?
Are you ready to create a new self-image?
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Looking Out of Window

"There is nothing wrong with you, other than the fact that you believe something is wrong with you."
- Steve Bacon


Interviews and Podcast Features

Listen to interviews of Steve on the go! Take a deep dive into topics related to Self-image, Healing, Generational Trauma, Overcoming Trauma, Being Your Best Self, Belief Systems, Conscious Creation, Spirituality, Perspective, Human Nature, and more....

Check out the full library of interviews on the 'LEARN' tab

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What Do You Want To Create?

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