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Steve wrote his first book, Start Here: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life, to provide a road map for readers who are just starting their journey in changing their lives. It is for people who are at a crossroads and want to change, but don't necessarily know how. Everything Steve wished he knew at 19 years old, when he started his journey, is written in these pages. Steve wants you to have a head-start so you don't have to take 15 or 20 years to figure it all out. It's right here, for you.

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Steve has been featured on a variety of podcast platforms. Now, you can find all of his interviews in one place and listen to the thought provoking conversations on the go! Take a deep dive into topics related to Self-image, Healing, Generational Trauma, Overcoming Trauma, Being Your Best Self, Belief Systems, Conscious Creation, Spirituality, Human Nature, and more....

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Read Steve's blog posts discussing  a variety of topics like self-image, beliefs and more....

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