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Steve Bacon

Motivational Storytelling to equip your organization with the mindset and tools to eliminate self-doubt and dominate
your industry 

 Keynote Speaker | Author | Coach | Founder & CEO Belief Theory, LLC 


of people report struggling with 
issues at some point in their lives




of people believe that
is critical to professional success




of people attribute part of their career success to


That's Where Steve Comes In


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Keynote Topics

From Doubt to Dominance

The Journey From Uncertainty
to Unstoppable

What if you could perform with unflinching confidence, free of self-doubt? Don't settle for ordinary success; strive for extraordinary success. 

Steve will unveil the keys to understanding and unlocking dominating confidence, taking your team and business to unprecedented heights. 

Learn the tools to completely  
dominate  your career and industry!
Who Can Benefit:
Sales Teams
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"Every time Steve speaks I feel like I need be walking around with a notebook behind him because he's always dropping mic drop moments and so much incredible wisdom!" 
- Judy T., Founder of The Creator Collective

From Doubt to Destiny

How to Make Adversity Your Greatest Asset

Growing up, Steve bounced around crack houses until he was 8, attended 14 different schools, faced abuse, molestation, trouble with the law, and even a failed suicide attempt...all before the age of 20.

Steve dives into the art of transforming adversities into stepping stones for success. He will give the strategies he used to overcome doubt and uncertainty.   

Learn to harness adversity as a powerful asset to propel your personal and professional growth, gain confidence, resilience and determination to conquer obstacles and chart your course to your

Who Can Benefit:
Sales Teams

"Steve is an excellent presenter. He is engaging and captivating. I found that the entire room was lit with positive energy that started with him. Steve's story is inspiring and uplifting  and is sure to resonate with many people. When he was done we had a standing ovation and smiles all the way around the room. I would love to have him come out again and so would everyone at my event."
- Shi G., Farmers Insurance Agency

The Power of 

5 Vital Keys to Become the Highest Version of Yourself

Steve is an expert in helping you view yourself in a new light, shedding self-doubt and embracing self-love. Unlock your true power with this transformative keynote on self-discovery and empowerment.

Be liberated from judgments that hold you back and create a path to self-acceptance and personal growth. Steve will dive deep into your beliefs illuminating how they shape your reality, so you can discover how to harness them to propel you forward.

This keynote will ignite your inner fire, equipping you with the tools to become the highest version of yourself. Are you ready to embark on a
 life-changing  journey?
Who Can Benefit:
Sales Teams
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"I have seen Steve speak multiple times and each time I am inspired to be a better person and work harder in my professional life. He speaks from the heart while having a great sense of humor. He is very professional and very knowledgable. As a full time mom working a business from home, I always get something out of his talks to become a better person and business owner."

- Amy R.

Steve wrote his first book, Start Here: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life, to provide a road map for readers who are just starting their journey in changing their lives.

It is for people who are at a crossroads and want to change, but don't necessarily know how. Everything Steve wished he knew at 19 years old, when he started his journey, is written in these pages. Steve wants you to have a head-start so you don't have to take 15 or 20 years to figure it all out.

It's right here, for you.

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