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Who Is This For?

If you struggle with...

  • feeling underestimated and not accepted for who you are

But you desire...

  • being confident with who you are in every environment and not caring what others think of you


If you struggle with...

  • holding onto anger and grudges

But you desire...

  • to have the weight of anger released and finally be at peace

If you struggle with...

  • trusting and feeling like others take advantage of you 

But you desire...

  • learn to let people go and create personal space that protect your peace


If you struggle with...

  • pushing things off and waiting until the last minute

But you desire...

  • to be proactive so that you can build a great life doing what you love

If you struggle with...

  • putting others needs before yours

But you desire...

  • to put yourself first without feeling selfish or guilty


What To Expect In Your Life After This Weekend

Imagine a life where

  • Past memories no longer hold you back

  • Old negative beliefs no longer dictate your actions

  • You wake up each morning feeling light and free

  • You are no longer unburdened by the weight of past traumas.


Your mind is clear, and your heart is open, as you move through each day

with confidence and purpose.

Gone are the days of being haunted by anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt from the past. Instead, you find joy in the present moment, appreciating the beauty of life unfolding before you. Relationships flourish as you no longer carry the emotional baggage that once hindered connection and intimacy.

With your newfound emotional freedom,

  • You approach challenges with resilience and grace

  • Old obstacles once seeming insurmountable are now growth opportunities

  • You embrace change with open arms

  • Know that you have the inner strength and wisdom to navigate any situation

As you continue on this journey of healing and self-discovery, you find yourself living authentically, aligned with your true values and aspirations.


Your future is filled with limitless possibilities, as you step into your power and create the life you've always dreamed of—a life of fulfillment, purpose, and profound inner peace.

You have the opportunity to erase decades of limitations and beliefs that

held your highest self back from living your dream life.

After just 3 days of this intensive work

  • You'll have shed baggage that may not even have been yours in the first place 

  • You'll have said "ENOUGH" to your old self and step up on the stage and claim your true worth

  • You'll have finally put the child to bed that was running around in your grown-ass body and take control of your life and decisions.

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Turn pain into power in just hours!

Day 1
Opening Statements

Day one focuses on gaining clarity and raising awareness about your current life circumstances. Through introspective activities and discussions, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of where you are now and how it’s impacting you. 

We delve into your value systems, desired and undesired feelings, and explore how these shape their experiences. Then, you’ll address negative thinking patterns, uncover core beliefs, and examine how these impact behavior. By understanding your belief systems, self-image, and memories, you’ll help loosen the grip of your current reality and become ready to create a whole new one.


Day 2
Presenting Evidence

Day two involves taking a detailed personal history of participants’ belief systems, connecting them to childhood memories, and cross-examining those core childhood experiences that contribute to their present suffering. It’s a deep dive into understanding the roots of their struggles. By doing this, participants can gain insight into how their past experiences shape their current reality, paving the way for healing and transformation.

Day 3
Overturned Conviction

Day three we'll be implementing Mental and Emotional Release Therapy, which enables participants to emotionally disconnect and redefine the meanings of past memories, freeing them from emotional attachment. This process involves releasing all anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt associated with past experiences. Additionally, participants will unconsciously modify beliefs they formed long ago. It's a powerful journey towards emotional liberation and transformation.

The Most Powerful Healing Weekend (4).png

Let's end the cycle of generational pain by healing ourselves and becoming the heroes our families need!


Glendale, Arizona
May 10-12, 2024

This is not your typical weekend seminar, workshop or rah-rah event. This 3-day experience is about transformation. SICA is not theoretical - if you play full out you are guaranteed to leave as a completely different person that will be have renewed perspectives of your life by the end of our weekend together. 


Creating change in your identity and/or self-image means you need to expand your comfort zone and challenge everything you currently believe. Finding peace and fulfillment comes from releasing the need to be right and learning to live in the gray.


I’ve completed this method with clients from all around the world, coming from all different walks of life, ages, religions and cultures successfully freeing them of the wrongful conviction they had of themselves. I absolutely love what I do, and The SICA Experience is really special to me because I’ve seen how, in just one weekend, it has transformed people's lives, relationships, and entire families.


Facilitated by
Steve Bacon

Steve Bacon is a living testament to the power of resilience and personal transformation. His unique gift lies in his ability to reshape individuals' self-image and transform their entire existence. 


Coach Steve is a master at Identity Reconstruction.  As an Intuitive Mentor to Leaders, Founder and CEO of Belief Theory, Master Life Coach, International Speaker, and Author, Steve has dedicated his life to helping others achieve self-mastery, discover their inner power to overcome any obstacle, rewrite their destinies, and create lives of unparalleled success and fulfillment.


As an excavator of human potential, Steve knows how to dig deep into your self-image, childhood stories, and past traumas/baggage in order to help you discard all parts of you that no longer serve you and that are keeping you from creating and experiencing your unbelievable life.


Only $997

Early Bird Price Only $497


May 10-12, 2024


Comfort Suites Glendale - State Farm Stadium Area

Room Block

Select number of rooms available at special event rate

Let's take ownership of our healing and pave a brighter future for those we love.
It only takes one person to make a difference - be that hero!

What People Are Saying 

Before experiencing the SICA method, I went through a break up that left me in financial destitute, a major resignation of my very successful career as a Salon owner and stylist to the stars, and quite possibly an existential crisis. 


Steve had seen my pain and urged me to let him help. “I can't stand to see you like this when I know your capability of success and happiness,” he said. After all that had happened I just didn't think there was any happiness for me in this life. Begrudgingly I decided to take him up on his offer to guide me through his SICA method. 


This was the day that changed my life.


We spent 2 days digging into the depths of my past and finding the moment I decided to tell myself, as a 3yr old child, I wasn't worth love or happiness. The interesting thing about it was the moment and source I had been telling myself had shaped me into the person I became was not it at all. 


After that surprising and profound moment of clarity I felt free of ALL emotional attachment to my entire traumatic experience called childhood.


I can confidently say that I am my happiest and have more peace than ever in my life to date. Thank you Steve for all that you have done and all that you do in support of me, the amazing person I have become. I love you friend."

Marisa F., Hair Stylist

Screen Shot 2023-06-23 at 3.41.03 PM.png

"I had an extraordinary experience that surpasses anything I've encountered in the field of inner work, and I've had extensive experience in this area. Steve's approach was assertive, honest, authentic, and captivating, which is precisely what I needed.


Prior to the SICA method, I harbored significant resistance towards building close relationships with my parents and sister, and I had resigned myself to the belief that this would be the state of affairs indefinitely. However, that turned out to be far from the truth. There was simply a mountain of emotional baggage obstructing our genuine connection.


This breakthrough allowed me to rewrite the misconceptions I had constructed about myself primarily, and it illuminated the essence of my true being, enabling me to embrace my inherent perfection. I am immensely grateful to Steve for shedding light on my world in such a profound way!

- Deborah W., NLP Trainer, Life Coach, Speaker

sam c.jpeg
"Going through SICA saved my life! I was depressed, angry at my past, and unfulfilled in my work life. I experienced moments of anger, sadness, frustration, tears, breakthroughs, and times where I wanted to give up, but Steve would not let me. 
Steve is a no-nonsense coach, and he tells you like it is. I accomplished so much in a brief period that I never thought was possible. I learned who I truly am and that is I AM God with a small g. I was able to create a new self-image, new beliefs, dive deep into my identity, learn my values, and be the man I always wanted to be.


The work that I did helped me to forgive my parents and release the past. I am a better husband, son, and friend because of my coaching experience."

- Sam C., Coach and Founder of Be You Do You Coaching

“My favorite part of the weekend was finally releasing myself from all the negativity. I haven’t had a single negative thought since I’ve been here and that has never happened in the history of me being alive.

After the SICA method, I instantly felt this huge burst of energy and shouted, "I'M SO HAPPY!!” and I sure as hell am."

- Danielle M., Voice Actress
“Before the SICA method, I was suffering from Depression and Social Anxiety Disorder and wasn't able to show up for anything. After, I was a much more confident person, went back into Real Estate and I was able to show up living my best life. If you're thinking about attending a SICA experience, it's a no-brainer, you won't be sorry that you did!"

- Ian S., Realtor
“It was really eye opening, everything seems a lot clearer and brighter now. Realizing and understanding there's nothing wrong with me and I've come up with these stories based off this kid that was ruling my life for so long. I was like, "okay I can let the hurt, pain and suffering go because I'm not that person." I've allowed myself now to release that kid."

- Sam S., Entrepreneur
frank i.jpeg
“Working with Coach Steve not only opened my eyes up to the possibility of what could be, but most importantly what already was. The ability he has to unlock the dormant superpowers we have is astonishing. He changed my perspective on life which in turn changed my world and I'm forever grateful for his spirit and teachings!"

- Frank I., Insurance Agent

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the event venue?

The event will be at the Comfort Suites Hotel - State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ!

Is there a roomblock?

Yes! There's a room block available at a very special price, the details will be revealed to you upon ticket purchase. The availability however is limited and available on first come, first serve basis.


Which Airport to fly into?

You can fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Event Registration

What is the Event schedule going to be?

You should come prepared for an ALL DAY event. We open doors around 8:30 am and have event plans well into the evening.


What is the refund policy for tickets?

NO REFUNDS. Please email to discuss transferring tickets. 


Does the hotel offer free parking?

Yes, free parking is available for hotel guests.


Will any meals be provided with my Event ticket?

Complimentary breakfast will be provided each day for participants prior to the first session. For other meals, there are restaurants close by to buy your own lunch/dinner during breaks.


Are we allowed to record audio/video at the event?

You're not allowed to record the entire event, however you can take pictures and shoot video clips to share them on social media. Please use discretion as there may be personal and sensitive information shared throughout the event.


Is there a Facebook Group for SICA 2024?

Yes, all ticket holders have access to the Facebook Group to connect, and also find room-share opportunities.

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