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A personally curated VIP retreat to
create your new self-image in
4 days at the dream destination of your choice.​

*Domestic & International Options Available*

Now Accepting Applications.

Luxurious Home

"The Ritz-Carlton of Retreats"
- Judy E.

What You Will Experience

This package includes 3 FULL days personally created to provide you both a relaxing and life changing experience in your transformation journey. (you arrive the day before on Thursday and depart the day after on Monday) 


You can look forward to experiences like: 

  • Deep, soul-level transformational coaching  sessions that will reshape you at a subconscious level

  • Powerful meditations to start experiencing mental peace now

  • Art Therapy Projects to unlock and express new dimensions of your self-image

  • Unforgettable excursions while surrounded by breathtaking views

  • "New You" Photoshoot at sunset

  • Lodging, meals and transportation during retreat included.

  • Plus a special gift that will last a lifetime!

Looking at the View

Are You Ready to Be Legendary?

In order to achieve this, your mind first, must be reset, getting you back to “zero” because right now you are currently operating from a pre-programmed mind influenced by your environment and people who raised you to believe and think certain ways.


Almost 85% of what you believe about yourself, the world, what is or isn’t possible, you decided by the time you were 14 years old.


Ask yourself, "Was the environment I grew up in a reflection of the life I wanted to create now?"


If the answer is no, then a reset must occur if you want any chance at consciously creating the life you desire most. 

It doesn't have to take years, you can have a complete reset in one weekend. 

In order to do that, we must rewrite all the stories from your past that created the false beliefs and current self image you have now. You cannot create the legendary life you want to experience without recreating how you see yourself.

You don’t have to look around for answers about what’s holding you back anymore. I can help you heal from your past and turn it into a legendary life you’ve always daydreamed about.


I know that journey over the mountain to get on the other side of healing may seem daunting to you…

Especially when you’ve never allowed yourself to “go there” before...

I promise all who I serve:

I will jump in the mess with you…

I will not leave you there…

I will bring you back up and over to the other side…

Are you ready to become the Legendary version of you?

“My favorite part of the weekend was finally releasing myself from myself and all the negativity. I instantly just felt this huge burst of energy saying,
and I sure as hell am."

- Danielle M., Voice Actress

“It was really eye opening, everything seems a lot clearer and brighter now. Realizing and understanding there's nothing wrong with me and I've come up with these stories based off this kid that was ruling my life for so long. I was like, "okay I can let the hurt, pain and suffering go because I'm not that person." I've allowed myself now to release that kid. ”

- Samantha S., Entrepreneur

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Past Retreats

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sedona, Arizona

Costa Rica Video Loading...

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