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I want you to calculate all of the different times that you said you would do something but didn't do it. Where would your life and business be right now? That is exactly the reason why you need to keep reading... 

My name is Steve Bacon. I'm a world-renowned master life coach and teacher and I want to share with you something I've created called Mastering the Matrix. It's not something you're going to find anywhere else in personal development. 

Let me ask you this, 

  • Have you ever talked yourself out of making the big bold moves you know you need and should take for your life and business? 

  • Do you struggle with talking yourself out of things instead of talking yourself into things? 

  • Do you struggle with keeping your word?

  • Is confidence a problem?

20 years ago I started my entrepreneur career and it was a struggle. I spent a loooot of years homeless. I spent a lot of days trying to figure out when I was going to eat next. I spent a lot of time and money going from seminar to seminar, reading book after book, investing in mentor after mentor, looking for answers because I knew I had another gear.

I was stuck and I couldn’t figure out why?! It got to the point where it just started to feel like something was wrong with me.

I just couldn't understand what it was that others had tapped into that I had not tapped into yet. Until I moved to Arizona… 

I met a man named Townsend Wardlaw who proceeded over the next 90 days to teach me these 6 principles called Conscious Creation and it changed everything.


  • The negative thoughts in my head disappeared...

  • The bold moves that I knew I could (and should) take I started to take...

  • I started to create more in months, weeks, or days what I thought would take me years! 

  • I started to create relationships with people that I admired and watched on TV but they then started to become my peers and friends.


My first year applying these 6 principles, I doubled my income to $400,000 effortlessly.

Where would your life and business be right now, where would your relationships be right now, if you actually did everything you said you would do?

Mastering the Matrix

Learn my proven 10X Belief System in a Self Paced Course with practical tools to shift your external world and internal being.

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