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Private Coaching

Available Online

High-Level Coaching for 3 months

  • 2 hours
  • $15K
  • Bi-Weekly Zoom

Service Description

Coach Steve is a master at Identity Reconstruction. As an Excavator of human potential, Steve knows how to dig deep into your self-image, childhood stories, and past traumas/baggage in order to help you discard all of the parts of you that no longer serve you and that are keeping you from creating and experiencing an unbelievable life. In just 3 months Steve will help you in discovering your true self, the one before the trauma and limiting beliefs. You will lay that version of you to rest as it has served its purpose but is no longer needed. Are you ready to become the most bad-ass version of yourself that consciously cultivates unshakeable confidence and creates the impossible effortlessly? This package includes - Six (6) bi-weekly 2-hour sessions via Zoom - Unlimited text access - Meditation Coach 3x week for the duration of our coaching time together. Ask about our payment plans and 3rd party funding options!

Cancellation Policy

Missed appointments will require full payment of $2,000 per session in order to rebook your session.

Contact Details

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