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Mastering the Matrix

This course can no longer be booked.

Available Online

12 week Conscious Creation Bootcamp

  • Ended
  • Bi-Weekly Zoom

Service Description

Have any of these thoughts or actions ever stopped you from creating anything you desired? - Sitting in seminars and taking boot camps as a pacifier. They keep the hope up and you can say “see what I’m doing over here? You can’t judge me since I’m learning all this stuff.” - Letting your phone be a distraction, not keeping consistent behaviors and not having integrity with yourself. - Suffer from analysis paralysis and overthink things. - You get distracted easily and oftentimes don't finish what you start. - You procrastinate and then binge work. - Afraid of success and afraid of failure. - Believe your goals are out of reach. - Focus on the negative things in your life whenever things go wrong, which leads to depression. - You are undisciplined and haven't committed to giving all of your time and attention to what’s important to you. - You don’t keep your word to yourself. - Feel like you are not capable of these great things. You love the excitement and the idea of it, but doubt yourself. - You believe you need to learn more to be qualified. - When thinking of how big your dreams are, you think about all the activities you haven’t created. If you said yes to any of these statements, this experiential program is for you. Imagine what it would be like to live your life where none of the above existed for you anymore? Imagine the possibilities then… This program will unlock levels you either didn’t know you had, or didn’t know how to reach on your own. You will learn the 6 Secrets (they don’t teach you) on How To Purposefully Create The Life You Desire and get back in the driver's seat. So, do you want to take the red pill or the blue pill? Complete the booking form to apply for enrollment into our upcoming Cohort!! *Cohort 2 begins May 18th (deadline to enroll is May 11th). *Cohort 3 begins July 20th (deadline to enroll is July 13th) Investment: $5,000 (Payment plans and 3rd party funding options available!!) A *Non-Refundable* Deposit of $1,000 is required upon enrollment to reserve your spot in the next Cohort.

Cancellation Policy

Missed appointments will require full payment of $2,000 per session in order to rebook your session.

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