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How I Serve

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
“Steve gave me the tools to unlock my seeds of greatness. If you feel in your gut, it's time for a change then Steve Bacon is the Life Hack you've been looking for.”

Brian B., Cinematographer

“I made the decision to take my life from “going through” the motions to TAKING ACTION! I went from making $26/hr working for someone else to living my Childhood dream of being an Artist and Designer making 5 figures a month building my business and living in purpose. Had I not invested in myself, I would have remained stuck.”

Reneé O., CEO  House of Vivid Design


Past Retreats

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sedona, Arizona



Store Owner Using Laptop

3rd Party Funding

If you have a 620+ credit score and annual income of $35K or more you qualify for our funding option! This would allow you to get started working together for $1,000/mo OR LESS!

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Let's Get Them Answered!

Have questions? Interested in learning more? Schedule a call and we will personally answer any questions and walk you through the simple application process!

"I live by the Golden Ego. I won't talk myself down or "humble" myself so you don't feel as bad about yourself. I will talk you UP so that you can come up to "my level" and be the greatness that I see in you."
- Steve Bacon

Apply for a Gifted Session

Are your committed to making a financial investment to create the results you desire?
Wouldyou like information on our 3rd party funding service for the ability to invest in your coaching for $1,000/mo. or less?
If your application is approved, are you committed to attending and showing up on time? (cancellations/no shows require $2,000 to rebook)

Thank you for submitting your application! Please allow 24-48 hours for review of your application.

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